Predictable & Agile delivery 

Achieving predictable and adaptable delivery is not merely a buzzword; it is an essential strategy for organizations seeking to thrive in today's competitive business environment. By adopting a balanced approach that embraces both predictability and adaptability, businesses can unlock a new level of efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation, paving the way for sustainable success.

Releases to production has increased 600%
and still rising

100,000 fewer incidents from releases this year!

This bank's CTO focussed on two metrics and achieved transformational results
Evidence from real-world research shows that technology-dependent organisations produce better financial results when they improve the performance of IT delivery. This research is particularly relevant for banks and other financial services firms whose legacy application stacks are often accompanied by legacy thinking, beliefs, and behaviours.

"We see continued evidence that software speed, stability, and availability contribute to organizational performance (including profitability, productivity, and customer satisfaction). Our highest performers are twice as likely to meet or exceed their organizational performance goals." (2019 State of DevOps Report)
June 18, 2014
Developing Skills the Agile Way

Development Occurs over Time, not on a Training Course During our many combined years as trainers with Learning Tree International, the average instructor grade exceeded 3.8 of a possible 4.0. Attendees loved the training, and provided fantastic testimonials. But that doesn't mean they used what we taught them, or that they improved because of the […]

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June 18, 2014
6 Problems Solved by Taking an Agile Approach to Training

Agile Training, The Agile Way What are the common challenges for training, and what solutions can Lean or Agile methods provide? In-House Learning Problem 1: Today's Lean organisations are reluctant to send a whole team away for a week's training. Apart from the risks for business continuity, the stress of changing travel, social and childcare […]

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June 22, 2016
Writing an Agile Article for a Proper Journal

The work of the agile business analyst is never done is one of the conclusions reached in my first agile article for online journal InfoQ User Stories Are Placeholders for Requirements. At 3500 words plus five key take-away points, and with editorial and peer-review by the wonderful agile writer and educator Ben Linders, this was […]

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