Making OKRs work 

We help customers overcome typical OKR challenges such as:
OKRs not delivering expected performance objectives;
OKRs not coordinated across departments;
OKRs not aligned to strategic vision

Choose your level of OKR support 


If some of your leaders are less certain about OKRs than others, or can't agree how to structure OKRs through the hierarchy, or cannot commit to 3-4 priorities, we  help you align as a leadership team.
By combining our expertise with your intimate understanding of your organisation, we surface the issues and facilitate the conversations that need to happen for OKRs to work.

Workshop based OKR solution



When you aren't getting the results you expected from OKRs it's time to bring in the OKR specialists.
We help you solve your OKR problems by analysing the impact of your current OKRs and showing you what to change to improve engagement and achieve the results you want.
We interview key members of staff and use research-grade methods to analyse their insights which we compare with your OKRs. We present a detailed report of our findings and recommendations. 

Review and recommendations 


If you prefer it, we will:
Schedule and organise your OKR-setting / strategy workshop(s)
Prepare a worksheet, so executives arrive with baseline objectives
Collate and distribute all workshop outputs and next actions
Support execs to fine-tune their OKRs and map next level OKRs
Facilitate the first OKR review and quarterly improvement reviews.

Hands-on OKR coaching, training, quarterly review, etc.

All our OKR services are delivered in partnership with Lithe Transformation and Allan Kelly 

Your leaders will be supported by a minimum of two OKR specialists and the delivery arrangements managed by a member of Lithe Transformation dedicated to ensuring your requirements are met. 

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