March 16, 2024

How to restore Teams Wiki data after Jan 2024

By Russ Lewis. Published online March 16, 2024

Microsoft killed Wiki on Teams - who knew they would delete our data too?

It's easy to restore Teams Wiki data - don't panic

It doesn't matter if you're in old Teams or new, in Windows or online. By now you've noticed your Wiki is missing and you don't care why Microsoft did it. You just want your data back!

What used to look like this:

Is now just this:

Regular Teams Wiki users will have seen the notices, those who use it rarely won't. I'm one of those who use it about as often as I read Microsoft's admin notices - very rarely.

Restore Teams Wiki data 1 - Open in SharePoint

Using old Teams, find the ellipses (three dots) and click Open in SharePoint:

There's no easy way to do this from the new Teams client. Even if you open new Teams on the web, it's not easy to open in SharePoint. The best way is from the Office 365 dots:

Then find the Teams site in My Sites or select from Frequent Sites. Notice that Teams sites have the word Group below the name.

I've selected the Agile for Managers site, which you can see has the Teams icon.

Restore Teams Wiki data 2 - Go to Site Contents | Teams Wiki Data

Now select Site Contents:

Then Teams Wiki Data, then General. Whatever you find there will be the contents of your previous Teams Wiki. In one of the Teams Wiki General folders I found an image, but most have an 'mht' file, like this:

Click that file and SharePoint will download it as an 'eml' file. Save that file and open it - your browser will probably launch Mail or Outlook. What you see will be the contents you have restored from your Teams Wiki. It will begin with instructions about editing it in Teams, obviously you can ignore that.

Restore Teams Wiki data 3 - Open the file as an email

Whatever follows is the Wiki. This one never even got a heading, so nothing worth saving, but at least I was able to check:

Hope this is helpful.

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