May 19, 2014

Google Doodle's Working Rubik's Cube is Engaging

By Russ Lewis. Published online May 19, 2014

rubik anni googleAll rights for this image belong to Google

Generations of Users Relate to Rubik

Today the creatives at Doodle gave us something that perfectly matches its user generation that's interactive, colourful and engaging. A working Rubik's cube!

Just last week I dared to ask why Google were paying their people to decorate the top of the search panel with a graphic "celebrating" the 289th anniversary of someone I've never heard of. Apparently, they took note, because the Rubik's cube has a connection with computer users. Yes, it's a computer game, but it's also an icon for at least four generations. Plus, there's a wonderful irony about converting such a tactile puzzle into a computer game.

I challenge you to go Google's home page (or find it at if you missed it today), click on the cube, spin a row or two then leave it completely alone. tell no-one about it. Don't try to get even one column of the same colour. See - you can't help it, it' very engaging.

Flow is the secret to engagement

What keeps you engaged with that cube is called "flow". It's exactly the reason computer games are so addictive, and it's why we lose all track of time when we are doing work that totally absorbs us. it's a good thing and one of the reasons knowledge workers enjoy the agile way of working. Flow just happened to me as I write this post - I should be preparing a presentation for tomorrow!

Well done Google, we love your celebration of Mr Rubik's cube.

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